The Top 7 Myths About Handmade Silk Scarves

Myths abound in just about every area of life, and this is no less true in the world of silk scarves and shawls. Here then, are some of the most popular myths that you are likely to hear, and the facts that lay them to rest.

Myth #1 – Silk scarves only have limited uses

Fact – Silk scarves are actually some of the most versatile accessories that a woman could possibly have in her closet. Not only can they be worn around different parts of the body and tied in a multitude of different ways, but they can also be used in the hair as well as to decorate other accessories such as hats and bags.

Myth #2 – All silk scarves are square

Fact – A silk scarf can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which means that you can choose precisely what you need to create a particular look. While you might indeed choose a square scarf to be used around the neck, if you want, for example, to create a sarong for use on the beach, there is a huge variety of longer and wider silk scarves which are perfect for doing just that.

Myth #3 – Silk scarves do not keep you warm in winter

Fact – Silk has been used as a lining for garments for many years, and not just because it looks and feels attractive but because of its insulating properties. It is, in fact, one of the warmest fabrics there is.

Myth #4 – Handmade silk scarves carry printed designs

Fact – If you see handmade silk scarves which are advertised as hand painted, then that is precisely what they are. The process which is used to create these stunning accessories involves using wax to define the borders of the design and then the silk dyes are painted on with a brush.

Myth #5 – Hand painted scarves made of silk are expensive

Fact – Despite all of the work which goes into producing, first of all the 100% pure silk which is used to make silk hand painted scarves, and that involved in the hand painting process, silk scarves compare extremely favorably with, for example, designer labeled scarves which are mass-produced and in many cases printed.

Myth #6 – Silk hand-painted scarves are not color-fast

Fact – The process used to produce hand painted silk scarves ends with a steaming process which not only removes the wax borders of the design but sets the dyes. Before you receive your hand painted scarf, it will have been washed to remove any excess dye, but the color that remains is both strong and color-fast.

Myth #7 – Silk hand painted scarves are difficult to take care of

Fact – All that is required to take care of a hand painted silk scarf is a simple hand wash with a mild soap solution. You can add a touch of vinegar to the penultimate rinse which not only neutralizes any soap still left in the item but brightens the fabric and restores its natural shine, but after washing, all that is required is that you roll your scarf up in a dry towel to remove any silk scarves  excess water, lie it flat to dry and then iron on the reverse of the fabric with the iron on its coolest setting.

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