I could Do This Job and I Will Do This Job

“I can do this job and I will do this job” basically means that you have the skills and expertise to carry out work responsibilities 100% and that you are really willing and eager to perform those duties. This phrase is something which you must remember when crafting your own job-seeking documents and going to an interview. When creating your resume and cover letter keep that motto in mind and let your commitment shine by means of in your writing. This can be a bit more difficult to do in a resume. The perfect place to highlight your skills and many years of experience is in a profile paragraph directly below your contact details and job title. Briefly reveal which traits you possess that are preferred by the hiring organization. Also include the sentence or two describing your dedication to helping the company/organization/school district achieve its goals plus philosophy.

Since a cover letter provides person a better opportunity to let his or her personality shine through, this is the opportunity to also highlight your ability and commitment to doing the job right. Just like the resume profile paragraph mentioned previously, showcase all of your related skills pieces, education, years of experience, and past responsibilities listed in the job advertisement or description. Make sure that you actually do possess the particular qualities before putting them in writing. Even if you do not have absolutely everything they may be looking for, you can highlight what you do have instead. Always make sure that what you put in your own documents is the truth. If a possible employer asks you about skills or past jobs be able to backup what you have written.

Now that you have got an interview, it is important to still keep this saying in mind. A potential employer has right now narrowed down the list of candidates who else meet the job requirements. What will make you stand above the rest is your desire to get the job done and do it well. Make sure you communicate your enthusiasm about past opportunities held and this future, sought-after career.
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A hiring company wants to know that the person they hire is committed, energetic, passionate, eager, and will not really tire of the job. At the end of the interview if you so choose, you can also actually say the words “I can do this job and I will do this job”.

After going to an interview it is very important that you send a thank you notice to the hiring organization. As mentioned earlier, provide a list of bullet points outlining why you are able to do the job, with points at the end demonstrating that you are eager to get the job done. Let your passion and enthusiasm be clearly conveyed in this last, and possible deal-sealing document. In addition, as with in the interview, there is nothing incorrect with actually writing the words “I can do this job and I will do this job”.

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