3 or more Ways To Market Your Business On The Internet At no cost

Long are the days when you pay for marketing. In today’s society there are so many free ways to market your business online. Whether you have a brick and mortar business or an online business. I am going to share with you 3 strategies that I personally use to market my business.

And when done professionally and tactfully. They will work flawless for you. I see it all the time when people basically spam everywhere and anywhere. That is definitely not the road you want to take. When marketing, you want to attract the prospect to what you are offering. Whether it be a product or a service.

A basic concept that I want to share with you is this. People are the ones that hold money, right. And how do you get that transfer from their money into your bank account? A few things need to happen. The prospect needs to trust that you have their best interest at heart. Anyone will be able to smell it out if you don’t. Be genuine with everyone you come in contact with. Earn their trust by befriending them and not steam rolling over them to get a sale.

Here are 3 ways to market your business online for FREE.

1. Facebook MARKETING – did you know that Facebook is ranked the number 2 website in the whole entire world? Now imagine if you could reach a small percentage of those people. That would be tons of money for you. Some tips for professionally marketing on Facebook are as follows: Don’t spam – befriend. When you make a new contact, send them a friendly hello and comment on something that they just posted to let them know you are genuine. Have a business fan page for even more professionalism.

2. FORUM MARKETING – Do a search on forums that cater to your certain niche, service or product.
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By adding value and not spamming, you will gain favor with those you help out. You will also receive the coveted signature box. A signature box is connected to your profile and is a link that you customize. It could be to your blog or website.

3. VIDEO MARKETING – YouTube is the number 3 website in the world. Ranking right below Facebook. Curious what the number 1 is? Google of course. The reason why I love video marketing is because it is the most personable. When people can watch you and see the way you speak, look and how you act it is ultra powerful. By uploading videos about who you are, people will begin to love and respect you. Which is awesome!

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