How To Become A Close Protection Operative (Bodyguard) In The Uk

If you are interested in becoming a close protection operative (bodyguard) in the UK you must at least successfully complete a SIA accredited training course.

Part of this course is first aid which is compulsory and is a must, this is due to the fact you may be needed to perform first aid to a principal or client and you would be first on the scene.

There are many companies out there offering training some good some not so good, they range from £1000.
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00 to £3000.00 plus.

Many are geared to fit around you experience and knowledge, this can be a advantage, if you have previous experience you may only need to do a fast track course enabling you to brush up on what you already know thus being able to obtain your SIA license.

They are intense courses so don’t go expecting it to be easy going, they normally start with you being interviewed by one or more seasoned veterans to see if you have the right attitude, quick thinking, problem solving, knowledge to complete the course, if have your in, if you don’t you will be asked to complete a full 21 day course instead of 8 days.

There is no Guarantee of work as this is normally a self employed job, it is a question of networking, making as many contacts as possible and never giving up, you may wait days for your first job, you may wait months but if you must look for work it wont come to you.

After training you will need to send off for you SIA close protection licence, this is a further £245.00 and can take up to 3 months to be processed, so don’t bank on being legally working for at least four months.

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