Fleece jacket Jacket the Favorite Protection Gear This year

If you are looking for the hottest fashion trend this year, fleece jackets are topping record for the most buys in retail stores and online boutiques. The reason for this really is practicality and style. This type of jacket is a favorite protection gear for many sports adventurers because among natural fibers, fleece is the only one which is most capable of keeping the body protected and protected from the outside cold.
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A fleece jacket is made from wool, which has water resistant properties perfect for rainy plus snowy weathers. It is so good, actually that trapped skiers have made it more than three hours of being caught in an avalanche. Their survival is usually attributed to the type of gear they put on, which usually includes jacket made of fleece.

There are many kinds of fleece type jackets with fabric that is specially mixed with synthetic fibers to enhance texture and strength. The most common fabric mixtures are the fleece Spandex and some Polyurethane which provides more flexibility and strength. Fleece jacket is commonly featured and worn from September to early February when the season is colder than normal.

A basic fleece jacket will cost only $50, and anything above $170 is already expensive. Styles vary with respect to the maker of the jacket, since various brands offer distinct designs and images. Fleece-made jackets are perfect for outdoor activities like jogging, hiking, alpinism, and many other outdoor sports that require protection from cold.

If you want to get your own fleece jacket, simply search online because there are many sites that offer discounted prices for fleece or even wool jackets. There are items on sale for as much as 60% off, with sizes ranging from XS, to XXL. Protect yourself from the weather and look awesome this season by buying a brand new fleece jacket.

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